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Professional AC drives,frequency inverter,VFD ,Variable speed drives Supplier
HD71   -   Economical Mini AC drive : (0.4kW ~ 1.5kW) 208 - 240V / 380 - 480V
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HD71 Series Mini economic inverters are developed for general applications of small power and OEM market. It applies V/f and vector control technology, making the functions of PID, multiple-speed step, DC braking, EMC inside filters Modbus communication, as well as less installation space (15% smaller than the counterparts) available

    • Advanced motor control algorithm
    • High performance open loop vector control
    • Optimal V/F mode
    • Excellent ramp slope control
    • Fast autotune (less than one minute)
    • Overload: 150% rated output current, one minute

    Applications : petroleum, chemical, melting, hoisting, electric power, building materials, water supply, plastics, textiles, printing, packing Belt-type conveyors winches and other industries

    • Dual CPU processing, more precise control
    • Using the latest generation IGBT
    • 0.4kw~1.5kW with standard inner brake unit
    • Inner EMC filter with breakpoint design, convenient for access and disconnection, meet different
    • PCBA coating process, increase environment adaptability
    • Unique control terminals: simple electronic switch set to complete the conversion between source and sink of I/O terminals
    • Reference (current) loose, trip or not could be selected
    • IGBT thermal design
    • Simple parameters and easy to use
    • Brake logic control block
    • Low DC voltage operation mode (400V)
    • AVR
    • Switching frequency automatic adjustment
    • Catch spinning function
    • Injection braking
    • Jump frequency control function
    • Powerful electronic potentiometer function, adjust reference conveniently
    • Standard serial coms. and optional fieldbus
    • The comprehensive warning and protection function: Fast protection for output shortage, over current, over load, over voltage, under voltage Fast protection phase loosing, over heat (heatsink and junction), external trip, etc.
    • Motor heat protection from terminals
    • Warning information display or not could be selected
    • 8 preset (decided by control terminals) PID control
  • Dimension :

    NOTE : In vertical installations where drives are mounted above each other, there should be suitable air flow to keep the drives cool. Air flow should be drawn in and expelled as illustrated in the picture above.

Download HD71 Brochure :

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